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  • Allen Domelle

Go a Little Deeper

Ezekiel 47:4

Again he measured a thousand, and brought me through the waters; the waters were to the knees. Again he measured a thousand, and brought me through; the waters were to the loins.

God brought Ezekiel to see the new sanctuary that would be built once Israel returned from captivity. Out of this sanctuary was a river that flowed, which ought to remind us of the river of life that comes from God’s throne in Heaven. There were five measurements that God brought Ezekiel into this river. There was the river’s brink, the waters to the ankles, the water to the knees, the water to the loins, and finally, water that he could not pass over. When I look at this, I am reminded of the walk of God and how many miss out on God’s blessings because they refuse to step out a little deeper by faith to attempt something mighty for God. Let me share some thoughts about going a little deeper.

First, you will never see God’s power and know His presence closely as long as you stay on the brink of the river. Many will never know God in an intimate way because they want to stay where it is safe instead of stepping out into the deep. The faith life never seems safe to those who live by sight, but the faith life is the safest place because you are walking by God’s side.

Second, take one step further than where you are. So you are standing on the brink of the river, step out to the ankles and watch God begin to work. If you are to the ankles, step out to the knees and see God work mightier. Never stay where you are! Growth in the Christian walk is only accomplished by stepping out a little deeper by faith than where you are. If God was with you as you stepped deeper the last time, He will most certainly be with you in the next step as you go deeper by faith.

Third, God never takes you further than what you can handle. Ezekiel could only go to the loins before God brought Him back to the brink of the river. God will never go beyond what you are capable of; therefore, however deep you have gone by faith, God knows you can make it at that depth. It may seem like you are about ready to drown, but God never lets the waters overflow you.

Fourth, God’s method is to bring you to your threshold and then give relief. God always puts pressure on those who step out deeper. God brings you to the breaking point, that point where you feel like you are drowning, and then He gives relief for a moment for you to enjoy how far He brought you. You must trust God that He will not bring you beyond what you can take and realize that He will not keep that pressure on you forever. Therefore, you can take whatever pressure you are presently facing.

Fifth, when you think you can't go further, keep going. Ezekiel came to the point where he thought the only way across was through swimming. However, Peter went a little further and walked on waters too deep to walk through. You will never know the walking on water experience if you only go to the depth where you feel comfortable. God has promised never to leave thee nor forsake thee, so instead of returning to the brink, go a little deeper, and you will find God will give you the walking on water experience. Only a few will step a little deeper into the waters that most would never walk in, but those who go the deepest know the walking on water experience that God has for their life. My friend, whatever depth you are at, go a little deeper by faith.


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