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  • Allen Domelle

Have Faith in God

Mark 11:22

And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.

The narrative of this verse starts with Jesus passing by a fig tree that had no fruit. As He passed that tree with his disciples, He looked on it and cursed it. The very next day, Jesus and His disciples passed that same tree, but this time the tree had withered away. The tree was alive and healthy the day before, but the next day, it was dead after Jesus cursed it.

The disciples marveled that the tree was so soon withered away. Peter said to Jesus, as if He did not know it, Master, behold, the fig tree which thou cursedst is withered away. Jesus took this opportunity to teach His disciples and said to them, Have faith in God. Jesus knew that if they had faith in Him that He could do many miraculous things through their lives.

The same God that told the disciples to Have faith in God says the same thing to you. My friend, you will never have faith in God unless you first look to God in faith. God knows that everyone has faith, but He is saying to place your faith in God. Every person is born with enough faith to get saved, but God commands and challenges the believer to place the faith that they do have in the God who can do the miraculous.

When God says, Have faith in God, He is telling you to let God own your faith. In other words, He is telling you to take your faith out of your own hands and out of the hands of others and give it to God. You see, to whoever you give your faith determines several things.

First, to whoever you give your faith determines who you trust. God is saying that you need to give your faith to Him so that you will trust Him. Anyone who has ever trusted God has never been led down the wrong path. You must have faith in God so that you trust Him when you don't understand what He is doing in your life.

Second, to whoever you give your faith determines who has your confidence. God wants you to place full confidence in His abilities to help you through life. Nobody has been disappointed who has placed their complete confidence in God. God wants you to have faith in Him because He wants your confidence. You can be confident in yourself, but you will fail yourself. Place your confidence in God, and He will never fail you. When you place your confidence in God is when you will stop trying to work everything out yourself and rely on His omnipotence to care for every need.

Third, to whoever you give your faith determines your loyalty. God wants your faith because He wants your loyalty. You will be loyal to whomever you give your faith. Your faith reveals your heart, and you will be loyal to the one to whom you give your heart. God wants your loyalty. God wants you to be loyal to Him so you can discover His loyalty to you. You will find that when you become loyal to God that He is a God who will never leave you or forsake you.

Fourth, to whoever you give your faith determines your hope. Your hope will never be disappointed when you hope in God. When you have faith that God knows what He is doing in your life, your hope will never be disappointed in His timing or answers to life. You will find when you hope in God that you will be okay with whatever He determines is best for your life.


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