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How to Keep From Falling Apart

2 Thessalonians 2:2

That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.

An unstable person is a person whose mind is quickly shaken. Too many believers are soon shaken in mind because they allow outside circumstances to determine their outlook instead of letting what is on the inside determine their disposition.

Paul admonishes the believer not to be soon shaken in mind. The word shaken means to be disturbed, unsettled or distressed. In other words, Paul is saying that the believer should not be quickly disturbed, unsettled, or distressed in mind. Just because everything around you is falling apart does not mean that you have to fall apart. Staying focused on the unchanging keeps you from falling apart. Let me share a few ways you can keep from falling apart when your world around you is falling apart.

First, don’t be run by feelings. Too many are feeling-based instead of being principle-based. When you let feelings dictate your mental outlook, your horizon will be all over the place, which results in falling apart. You can't let feelings dictate your horizon for life. You must place your feelings aside and let Scriptural principles dictate your horizon if you are to keep a strong mind in life and in serving the LORD.

Second, don’t let outside circumstances dictate your frame of mind. The outside circumstances are always wavering, and that is why you must not let them dictate your spirit or frame of mind. It is no wonder that the world is addicted to alcohol and drugs, because their life is wrapped around the outside circumstances that keep changing, and the only way they know to dull the fear these circumstances bring is through vices. As a Christian, you must never let the outside dictate your spirit or outlook for life. If the outside dictates your outlook, your outlook for life will be up and down like the circumstances of life.


Third, focus on the unchangeable on the inside. There are some things you have in life that never change, but they are always on the inside. Focus on your unchanging salvation. It does not matter what life brings at you; it cannot take your salvation from you. Focus on the unchanging Word of God. God’s Word never changes, and a focus on God’s Word builds a stable life and a healthy mind that is not soon shaken by outside turmoil. Focus on the promises of God. God’s promises are as sure as the sun rising and setting; staying focused on those promises will keep your mind from falling apart.

Fourth, remember that you have seen this before and made it, and this time is no different. Yes, the circumstance may be different, but you have always made it through every other circumstance you have faced, and you will make it through this one if you don't fall apart.

Fifth, go soul winning. Soul winning has a way of taking your mind off the howling sirens of life’s turmoils and placing your mind on the needs of others, and that mindset is what gets you through tumultuous times. I am not saying that you bury your head in the sand and not deal with the circumstances at hand, but I am saying that you can stabilize your mind and spirit by going soul winning which always gives the believer a better frame of mind.


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