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  • Allen Domelle

Hurtful Actions of Followers

Mark 14:50

And they all forsook him, and fled.

I can only imagine the hurt Jesus felt as He was led to the Judgment Hall to be crucified. You would think that those He invested in for three years would be right by His side, but no, He traveled that road alone as those who had followed Him were nowhere near. For one reason or another, they all had their reason for not being near the Saviour at His darkest hour.

If you are a leader, you know the hurt that followers have caused. No follower truly understands the hurt a leader experiences when they are nowhere near that leader as he tries to lead. No follower truly understands the leader’s heart and his investment in prayer and labor to meet their needs. Yet, just like Jesus, many leaders have experienced the hurt by those they have invested in the most. Oh, we expect to be hurt by the enemy, but we don't expect to be hurt by those we have invested in the most. When I look at Jesus going to be judged, I find three hurtful actions that every follower should avoid at all costs.

First, seeking convenience to betray is a hurtful action. Judas Iscariot sought a convenient time to betray the One who had allowed him to be the treasurer of His church. If you seek for a reason to betray your church or pastor, you will most certainly find one. I would hate to live a life trying to find a reason to betray instead of finding a reason to be loyal and stay. The betrayal of many believers has hurt the ability of a church to go forward and reach many for Christ. When you betray your church or pastor, you betray the Saviour who gave you that church and pastor.

Second, forsaking the leader in their darkest hour is a hurtful action. I think one of the saddest statements said about the disciples is that they all forsook him, and fled. When you see your pastor or leader going through dark days, that is the time that you should be near their side. Yes, your pastor or leader is human, and they do experience low days. The betrayal of Judas should have emboldened the heart of the rest of the disciples to stay close to the Saviour, but they added to His hurt by forsaking Him. Never let it be said about you that you forsook the one who invested much in your life in their darkest hour.

Third, following afar off is a hurtful action. I have heard the statement many times, “Bro. Domelle, we are behind you in the battle.” Yet, I have looked for those who made this statement, and their silence seems deafening as they say nothing when the attacks roll in. Being a distant follower in the dark days of one’s life is no different than forsaking that person and fleeing. Don’t think you can stand silently by as the attacks roll in, and your silence not embolden those who perpetuate the attacks. Your friend needs someone to not only be with them, but defend them in their dark days.

All of these actions have several common denominators. They all show a lack of faith, a lack of loyalty, and a lack of dedication. My friend, you had faith in someone when times were good, so why should you lose faith in them now? You were loyal and dedicated to them in the good times, but why are you not loyal and dedicated in the tough times. Christianity needs a shot of loyalty in the hearts of believers that causes them to be loyal in tough times? Loyalty and friendship are revealed when disloyalty and criticism are popular. When those you love are going through dark days, be determined to be an encouragement during their trials.


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