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  • Allen Domelle

It Doesn’t Come Easy

Deuteronomy 9:1

Hear, O Israel: Thou art to pass over Jordan this day, to go in to possess nations greater and mightier than thyself, cities great and fenced up to heaven,

God told Israel to pass over Jordan and possess nations greater and mightier than themselves. The fact that God tells them to do something greater and mightier than themselves shows that the miraculous does not come easy. However, God added to the great command of faith by telling them to go after the cities that were great and fenced up to heaven. God did not tell them to go to the unfenced cities, but to go after the most challenging cities.

We are a people prone to go after the easy, and that is why we never see the miraculous. Those who see the miraculous in their lives and ministry are those who attempt the greater and mightier by going after the hardest thing. You cannot expect God to do the greater and mightier in your life if you quit when you face difficulties. The greatest miracles were accomplished in the most difficult circumstances. The five thousand were fed when there was little to no food to feed them. When Jesus healed the impotent man, he didn't just choose any man, but He healed the man that for thirty-eight years could not get healing. When Jesus healed the lady with an issue of blood, He could have healed the one who had just been diagnosed with the problem, but He did not; He healed the woman who had spent all her money trying to be healed and yet had not found an answer to her health issue. We would fail to talk about God doing the greater and mightier by defeating giants, knocking down walls, sending fire from Heaven to consume an altar, using a ragtag army to defeat the greatest army of the day, and using the early church to turn the world upside down in a most hateful and dangerous time towards Christianity.

My friend, you will never see the greater and mightier unless you attempt the greater and mightier. People say we cannot see the miraculous today, but the only reason they say that is because they have never attempted it. Too many people want the miraculous to happen while they sit and watch, but the miracles of God are not an entitlement but a reward for attempting the greater and mightier. The miracles of God are sitting and waiting to be given to you, but they will sit there until you attempt something greater and mightier through your life or ministry.

Moreover, God loves to do the greater and mightier through those who are not afraid to face the hardest of obstacles to see the miraculous happen. If you want the miraculous, you cannot run from the hard. Those who see the miraculous happen are those who face the greatest pressure on their lives while they attempt the greater and mightier. You will never see the greater and mightier miracles when you live in your comfort zone; you only see the greater and mightier miracles when you go after the hardest of tasks to accomplish, and it is when you face the most challenging obstacles that God shows His mighty power.

The miracles of God never come easy. These miracles only come when you decide to do something bigger than you. Yes, it may be scary, but you will never see them without trying something that seems impossible. Those who see the greatest miracles of God are those who step out and attempt the greater and mightier when fear screams to stay where it is safe.


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