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  • Allen Domelle

"No Quit" Attitude

Judges 8:4

And Gideon came to Jordan, and passed over, he, and the three hundred men that were with him, faint, yet pursuing them.

One of the great attributes about Gideon and his men that is often overlooked is their “no quit” attitude. The battle they fought was not an easy or quick one, but they fought the battle until it was over. Their battle caused them to become weary, but they continued to fight despite their weariness. The Scriptures say about these men’s pursuit in the battle that they were faint, yet pursuing.

Having a “no quit” attitude is critical if you will be one of those who serve the LORD your entire life. Serving the LORD is not easy. Many have quit along the way because they became weary, only to regret that they quit. There are times when you will become faint in serving the LORD, but you must have a “no quit” attitude about serving God if you are to continue pursuing God’s will for your life. It takes a “no quit” attitude to run a bus route when you become weary with your week-in and week-out attempts to get people to ride your bus. It takes a “no quit” attitude to keep soul winning every week when your converts don't seem to come when they promise they will come. It takes a “no quit” attitude to keep pastoring a church when the church does not seem to be going anywhere. It takes a “no quit” attitude to try to work out your problems in your marriage despite the differences you frequently face. With anything you do for the LORD, it takes a “no quit” attitude to do it because you will become faint or weary. There are four things I want you to notice about the “no quit” attitude.

First, you can’t become faint if you are not pursuing. Pursuing always comes before faint, but faint will come. You never want to quit anything that you are not doing; the fact that you want to quit means you are pursuing. The thought of quitting comes across anyone’s mind if they are pursuing, but it must quickly be squelched so that it doesn't take root in your mind that eventually become your choice.

Second, becoming faint is part of pursuing. Everyone is human, and everyone gets winded, but that does not give you an excuse to quit. Just because you have become faint while pursuing does not mean that you should quit. You must have a “no quit” attitude when you become faint. Determining that quitting will not be an option no matter how faint you become as you pursue is the only thing that keeps you going when you do become faint. When you have a “no quit” attitude, the only other option to take when you become faint while pursuing is to take another step.

Third, faint, yet pursuing is the choice of those whom God uses the greatest. God doesn’t use quitters; He uses those with a “no quit” attitude who continue to pursue despite being faint. Anyone God has used has been faint while they pursued, but that made them trust God to their benefit. It is foolish to think that you can pursue for God’s sake and never become faint. It is a choice to continue pursuing despite being faint.

My friend, the difference between those whom God uses is that some stop pursuing when they become faint, while those God uses are faint, yet pursuing. Do you have a “no quit” attitude? You will become faint while pursuing God’s will for your life, but you must determine not to quit when you become faint.


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