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  • Allen Domelle

Prudence, Your Personal Security Guard

Proverbs 8:12

I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.

If you have ever seen a well-known leader, they often have security guards around them as they are in crowds. For instance, the President of the United States has secret service agents there to keep him safe, and these agents are simply his personal security guards to protect the President from anyone who would try to hurt him.

God has given you a personal security guard to keep you safe from making hurtful decisions. Let’s face it, every decision either hurts or helps you and always impacts your future. I want my decisions to help me to fulfill God’s purpose in my life better, and I am sure you feel the same way. However, if we are going to be for God what He desires for us to be, we must be very careful with every decision we make because each decision impacts our future.

The personal security guard that God has given every individual is prudence. Prudence is moving slowly and cautiously as you make decisions. The verse above says, I wisdom dwell with prudence. In other words, it is wise to move slowly through decisions. Let me illustrate. When I walk on icy surfaces, I walk very slowly so that I don't slip and fall and hurt myself. All it takes to break bones is one fall, and if I want to avoid hurting myself, I must walk cautiously on the ice. Likewise, making decisions is like walking on an icy surface; you can walk on it safely, but you must be cautious as you walk to avoid falling and hurting yourself. One misstep in a decision can seriously hurt your future, and that is why you must move prudently and prayerfully when making decisions. Let me share a few areas where I move slowly in my decisions so that I don't hurt my future or ministry.

First, be prudent in financial matters. Do not be quick in making financial decisions. You are better to move slowly and avoid great debt than to move quickly and lose your financial stability. Most financial decisions can be made cautiously and slowly. For instance, it is wise to be prudent when using credit cards; just because you have one does not mean you need to max it out in debt. Be slow and cautious before putting debt you cannot pay off at the end of the month on a credit card.

Second, be prudent in purchasing a vehicle. I recently purchased a vehicle for my wife. We had to purchase my wife a new car because she was in an accident and it totaled our car. I moved slowly in our purchase process so that I could find the best vehicle for my wife. I never walked onto a car lot saying I had to get a car that day because that is how you get yourself into a bad purchase. Never be quick when making a vehicle purchase. It is prudent to settle beforehand what you can afford. Don't let the salesman push you into purchasing more than you can afford.

Third, be prudent with life-altering decisions. Before I have ever moved to a different place, I have always been slow and cautious about where I moved. I have always moved to a place because of a good church, and not because I wanted to live in a certain place. When I took the pastorate here in the Oklahoma City area, I was deliberate and prayerful about this decision because it influenced my whole family. My friend, take your time when facing life-altering decisions. Move prudently and prayerfully through life-altering decisions, and always be willing to walk away from a decision; that is what saves you from making hurtful decisions.


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