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  • Allen Domelle

Rash Decisions

Acts 19:36

Seeing then that these things cannot be spoken against, ye ought to be quiet, and to do nothing rashly.

A great gathering happened in the theatre because of the teaching of the Apostle Paul. The confusion among the people was great, and Paul wanted to go into this theatre to explain the Gospel more clearly. However, the was a great uproar among the people because of a division about what these people believed. The town clerk made a great statement to these people that should be followed by every individual. He said, “ye ought to be quiet, and to do nothing rashly.”

This advice would help anyone from doing things that would cause them harm later in life. Many of the bad situations we get ourselves into are because we have made rash decisions that could have been averted had we followed this advice to do nothing rashly.

The word rashly means to do something without careful consideration of the possible consequences. In other words, we should not be reckless in our decisions and actions, but we should be principled and deliberate in what we decide to do and in action. We often make rash decisions because our emotions get involved in what we do. Bad decisions are always a result when our emotions get involved in the decisions. Let me share some thoughts on how to not be rash in action or principle.

First, never let the pressure from others be the determination of actions or decisions. We make rash decisions because we get pressured into doing the wrong thing. Anytime someone tries to pressure you into doing wrong is when you find yourself regretting not being more careful with your actions and decisions.

Second, give yourself time to calm down when emotions get involved. We cannot help that we get emotional about certain decisions or actions because emotions are a part of our makeup; however, we don't have to let emotions run our life. Emotions will run your life into the many bad decisions that result in broken relationships, bad unions, and regretted baggage that you must carry for months or the rest of your life. When your emotions get involved, you must make it a principle that you step back from the situation you are facing so that you don't allow yourself to move rashly on a decision or an action.

Third, don't let another’s emotions cause you to be rash in your decisions or actions. Just because someone else acts rashly does not mean we have a right to act rashly. In fact, when others act rashly, you ought to be the calm one that calms others by being principled in your decisions and actions. Someone must calm down those who are acting rashly, and it ought to be you. If you learn not to let the emotions of others affect the way you act, you can always be a calming effect on those who are rash in their actions and decisions.

My friend, your life will be filled with unending drama if you act rashly in decisions and actions. However, your life will be filled with peace and joy if you learn to be principled in your decisions and actions. You are the one who determines whether your life is in an uproar or peaceable. Don't be rash in anything you do and you will find that your life is settled, and peaceful despite the uproar of others around you.


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