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  • Allen Domelle


Philippians 3:13

Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,

To reach means to stretch yourself beyond what you are able to do. People often say that someone went beyond their reach. What they mean is that a person who failed or succeeded went beyond their abilities to their success or failure. However, nobody ever does anything great for God who doesn't reach beyond their abilities.

Paul tells the believer in Philippi to reach forth. He admonishes them to stop looking at their past and what they have done and look before them at what they need to do. He understood that whichever way they looked determined their next actions and accomplishments. If they lived in the past, they were done accomplishing anything for the LORD.

Your desire should be that God does more through you no matter what stage of life you are in and despite what you have accomplished in the past. The world will not get better with believers living in past accomplishments; it will only get better if we reach forth to greater accomplishments for God. This only happens if we have reach. There are four reaches you should have if God is to do greater things in your life.

First, you need a proper perspective reach. Paul commanded to forget those things which are behind. Living in past accomplishments is a sure way to have no accomplishments today. Nobody really cares about what you have done; they truly want to know if you are doing something now. You are a “has been” if all you can talk about is what you used to do for God. God is not interested in what you used to do; He’s interested in what you are doing now. Your perspective should be a forward perspective and not a backward perspective.

Second, you need a faith reach. To reach means it takes faith because it is beyond your capabilities. Are you reaching beyond your abilities, or are you only doing those things that make you feel comfortable? Someone needs to light a fire underneath you to get you to attempt something beyond your reach. You do not have a faith reach if you are not attempting anything for God that is beyond your reach. You will only please God by having a faith reach.

Third, you need a direction reach. The mark you are reaching for should have no compromise involved with it. If you must change what you believe to accomplish what you are reaching for, you have a wrong directional reach. Don't feel you must compromise your beliefs to reach for something greater. God is still in the miracle-working business, but He will not work His mighty power through those who have compromised the faith. Keep your reach directionally right, and attempt great things for God by standing for right. It takes more of God’s power to do the miraculous by being directionally right. Compromise takes no faith; it takes a quitter to stop doing things God’s way for the easy way.

Fourth, you need a God reach. You need to reach so far that God must step in to rescue you. A God reach keeps you on your knees in prayer begging God to save you. However, it is this type of reach that God likes because it is this reach that gets Him involved in your life, and this reach is where you will see the greatest miracles of God in your life.


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