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  • Allen Domelle

The Great Secret to Being Established

1 Chronicles 28:7

Moreover I will establish his kingdom for ever, if he be constant to do my commandments and my judgments, as at this day.

If I were to look at what has made great Christians, there is one trait they all had: consistency. I think of the great churches in the past, and each one I have been to was consistent in what they did. There is something about a church or an individual who is constant in what they do that makes them successful and establishes them in life.

Let me illustrate. A vehicle runs because of consistency. When a car breaks down, it breaks down because it stops being consistent. The mechanic who is trying to get the vehicle fixed is looking for what stopped being consistent, and he fixes it once he finds it.

Likewise, your life will break down in the areas where you stop being consistent. The marriage that is suffering is because they stopped being consistent in doing right. The life that breaks down is the life that stopped being consistent in doing right. The business that fails is the business that stops being consistent in what made it successful. This could be said about sports teams, institutions, and nations; anything that stops being consistent will break down.

God promised Solomon that He would establish his kingdom if he be constant to do my commandments and judgments. God was more interested in Solomon being consistent in doing right than He was in Solomon having big days of doing right. God knows that the person who is consistent in doing right will not break down, just like the car that is consistent in running. Let me give you four areas where you need to be consistent.

First, be consistent in your spirit. You cannot have an inconsistent spirit and live a stable life. There are some whose spirit is like a roller coaster that is up one day and down the next, and that is an unstable person. You must not allow life to dictate your spirit, but having a consistent spirit is what helps you to enjoy a stable life. Enjoy the good in life, but don't get so high that your spirit bottoms out when bad comes. Having a consistent spirit is much better for your life than having huge swings of spirit that destroy your ability to be used.

Second, be consistent in actions. Set your routines in life and don't change them. Get up at the same time every day. Read God’s Word and pray every day. Be consistent to church. Stop changing jobs at the drop of a hat. Consistency in your actions will help your marriage, children, and your life. Those who are inconsistent in their actions add things to life that complicate their lives. Determine to do right in your actions and you will never change your actions.

Third, be consistent in beliefs. Figure out what you believe and don't change. Too many hurt their Christian walk because of the constant change in what they believe. Once you figure out what you believe based on God’s Word, never revisit those beliefs to see if they are right.

Fourth, be consistent in your methods. Too many people are changing their methods when they need to do them constantly to see the results of those methods. You know soul winning, bus ministry, and Sunday school work, so don't change them. Consistency in methods produces established people in life.


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