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  • Allen Domelle

The Hope of a Nation

1 Samuel 3:6

And the LORD called yet again, Samuel. And Samuel arose and went to Eli, and said, Here am I; for thou didst call me. And he answered, I called not, my son; lie down again.

Israel was in dark times spiritually. It did not matter what Israel’s economy was like; it only mattered what the spiritual temperature of Israel was like. Spiritually, it seemed bleak for Israel. Eli, the spiritual leader of the nation, had become an old man. Eli’s boys were definitely not like him. Eli was a good man, but he did not control his boys, which led to spiritual compromise.

However, we see hope for Israel in a young boy named Samuel. We don't know Samuel’s exact age at this point in the Scriptures, but we do know that he was still a child. Samuel was asleep at night when God called him. Samuel had yet to have God speak to him, and he did not know this voice. In fact, he thought it was the voice of Eli calling him. He ran to Eli several times before Eli realized that God was calling this young boy. Eli told Samuel that the next time he heard this voice that he was to say, Speak, LORD, for thy servant heareth thee. In this story, I see there is still hope for any nation as long as four things happen.

First, there is always hope for a nation as long as God is God. No nation is hopeless as long as God is still God. Nineveh was at the brink of destruction, but God was still able to save Nineveh. Israel was at the brink of apostasy, and yet God was able to bring Israel back to Himself. As long as God is still God, there is hope for a nation. The hope of a nation is not in a political party or a good economy, but the hope of a nation is always God. As long as God is still God, there is always hope that God can bring that nation back to Him.

Second, there is always hope for a nation as long as God still calls people into the ministry. The hope of Nineveh was that God called Jonah. The hope of Israel was that God called Samuel. Had God stopped calling people for these nations, they would have been destroyed. I believe God is still calling people into the ministry. Sadly, we have preachers who have made the call of God so spooky that those God is calling don't even recognize the call. God is still in the calling business because Romans 12:1 is still in God’s Word. If God is calling people, that means that God still has mercy for that nation that He will exercise if someone will answer the call.

Third, there is always hope for a nation when those called by God answer His call. Israel’s hope of revival was ignited when Samuel answered God’s call. There is always hope for any nation as long as people answer the call of God. My friend, the answer to God’s call is not to be a graphic artist, but to be a full-time servant in the ministry. I do believe that most young people would answer the call of God if preachers did not make that call so difficult.

Fourth, there is always hope for a nation as long as those called obey their calling. Had Samuel answered the call but not obeyed it, Israel would still be in the same situation it was in before God called him. The hope of a nation is that people not only surrender to the call of God, but follow through with this call. Your nation depends on you following through on His calling on your life. Whether you volunteered or answered God’s call to serve Him full-time, you are critical to your nation. For the sake of your nation, please follow through on that call, for you could be the last hope for your nation.


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