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  • Allen Domelle

The Toolbox Christian

Luke 14:11

For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

Christ teaches about a man who was bidden to a wedding, and when he got there, he thought he deserved to sit at the table of honor. Jesus said that instead of sitting at that table, he should sit in the lowest place and be asked to come to the table so that he would not be humbled when asked to let another have his seat at the table of honor. Jesus then went further to say that those who exalt themselves will be abased, and those who are humble will be exalted.

One great lesson I have learned throughout my ministry is that God has a way of humbling you so that He can use you. God cannot use the individual mightily who has yet to be humbled because of their mindset that God needs them instead of them needing God. I often tell the church I pastor that we are a toolbox for God to use. I remind our church that I would rather be a toolbox that is used than a museum that everyone admires. The toolbox may not be what everyone desires to be, but a toolbox is used all the time by our mighty God. My friend, God needs believers who are tools for His service, not museum pieces talking about what they used to be. Let me share a few thoughts on this critical truth.

First, the toolbox Christian is honored that God would use them. The humble man never looks to God and says that it was God’s honor to have him; rather, he looks at God and is amazed that He would use them. Being a toolbox causes the believer to be amazed that God would use them despite their inabilities and weaknesses. Being a toolbox keeps an individual thinking that they don't have much to offer God, but if God can use them as a tool, they would be highly honored to be a tool in His hand.

Second, the toolbox Christian knows they need God. The toolbox is nothing without God. For instance, the wrench can do nothing without the mechanic choosing it for the job he has to work on. The hammer can do nothing without the carpenter putting his hand on it to hammer nails. Likewise, the toolbox Christian knows they can do nothing without God putting His hand on their life to use them for His purpose.

Third, the toolbox has no mind of its own but to be used in the manner that the Master needs. The toolbox does not tell the mechanic what it can and will do; rather, the toolbox is used for the purpose for which the mechanic assigns it to do. The toolbox Christian never tells God what they will do, but they look to God and ask Him to use them in any matter that He sees fit. The toolbox Christian only wants to be used to meet the needs of Christ.

Fourth, the toolbox Christian requires faith. The believer who is a simple toolbox knows it will take God to get them through what they are doing. My friend, you will never know what it is like to be used by God mightily until you become a toolbox that, by faith, attempts to do something great for God with His help.

My friend, you cannot be a toolbox Christian until you are humbled. God knows how to humble you to the point that you realize that you are a broken tool that needs God, and until you get to this point, you will never know what it is like to be mightily used by God. However, when you become the toolbox Christian, you will find that God will exalt you, not because of who you are, but because of His power working through you.


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