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  • Allen Domelle

Turning Victory Into Mourning

2 Samuel 19:2

And the victory that day was turned into mourning unto all the people: for the people heard say that day how the king was grieved for his son.

Of all the things David did that caused heartache to the end of his reign, he almost made the biggest mistake by turning a victory into mourning. Though David’s heart was mourning the loss of his son, his people had won a great victory for him, and their efforts needed to be rewarded with commendation and rejoicing. Though some may criticize Joab for getting on to David, Joab was right in the fact that David was shaming the people and God for not rejoicing over this great victory.

Sadly, there are many in churches who turn victory into mourning or defeat. It never fails; after a great victory, some people find in themselves to turn victory into mourning by picking apart the victory. You can have a big day, and someone will find something wrong with the day and turn victory into mourning. The church can accomplish a great task, but someone will find something wrong with the task and turn victory into mourning. I find two things can turn victory into mourning.

First, a negative spirit will turn victory into mourning. Nothing will drag a victory down like a negative person who downplays what God’s power did in a church. The fact that God even chose to work is what should cause all to rejoice. However, a negative person can turn victory into defeat by comparing the great victory to something else. Negative people are a drain on the church spirit and its ability to do something great for God.

Second, a critical spirit will turn victory into mourning. There is always that one person who doesn't see the victory as a whole, but criticizes one small part that maybe didn't work like it should have. If you look hard enough, you can always find something to criticize, but you must remember that you are criticizing the miraculous power of God and what He did despite what you want to criticize.

How do we avoid turning victory into mourning? First, always focus on the good and choose not to bring up the bad. Yes, there is a time to look at what needs improvement, but keep focused on the good that God did to keep a victory a victory. One thing I often teach is that there is always something good you can find if you search hard enough, even on a bad day. Your perspective should be a search for good and not a campaign to find the bad.

Second, focus on the involvement of the people. If David had remembered all the sacrifice that his people made to win the battle, he would have realized that this was a great victory. People always sacrifice when God does something great. The fact that people sacrifice to see if God will do something mighty through them should cause you to rejoice in the victory of the involvement of God’s people.

Third, enjoy the miracle; you may not always have them. If you pick the miracles apart, you will one day rue the fact that you didn't enjoy them when the miracles are gone. Many people have picked great days apart only to wish they could have them back when the miracles stop. Now, I am not looking for the miracles to stop, but many blessed churches in the past are only a shadow of what they used to be. My friend, you better enjoy the miracles while you have them; you may one day wish you could have them again to enjoy.


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