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  • Allen Domelle

Why You Are Unfit

Luke 9:62

And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

Being fit for the kingdom of God is to be equipped, ready, and qualified for the kingdom of God. Jesus said that any person looking back is not fit for the kingdom of God. The key to why a person is unfit is because they look back. As long as a person looks back, it hinders their ability to be equipped and qualified to be used in the kingdom of God.

One of the principles throughout my ministry was to burn my bridges to the past and from where I used to be so that I could be everything God wanted me to be where He sent me. When I moved from Longview, Texas, to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I burnt my bridges so I could plant myself where God sent me so that I could be the best tool God needs me to be for these people. Each time I moved in my ministry, I burnt the bridges to the past and never looked back because I knew I could not be what God needed me to be until I burnt those bridges. Does it mean the places I moved from were bad places? No! It means I knew it was critical to where God sent me never to look back from where I came. If I am to be fit in the place where God sent me for the kingdom of God, I must determine never to look back.

Many people have hurt their ability for God to use them because they continued to look back from where they came. There are many people where you presently live that could use you to bury your heart where you are and stop looking back. Many lessons can be learned about this principle of never looking back that you need to apply to your life if you are to be used by God to your fullest extent.

First, never looking back means you must cutting heartstrings to the past. When you leave a place, you must plant yourself where you are so that you never consider looking back. When I moved to Oklahoma City, it did not keep up with the place from where I moved because I needed my full attention on where God placed me. I know this sounds a bit hard, but you must stop keeping up with the friends from the past if you are to keep yourself from looking back. God moved you to where you are, and to keep looking back at what you are missing out on with your past friends always makes you unfit for the kingdom of God.

Second, it will never be the same where you look back to if you went back. If you were to go back, you would find that where you used to be has changed. That place from where you came did not stop because you left; they have moved on without you. Too many people are legends in their own mind and think everyone has stopped their lives because you moved. My friend, that is a prideful, arrogant mindset that will keep you from being used where you are.

Third, you cannot look back and live by faith. The faith life is a forward-moving life; you cannot live in the past and move forward at the same time. If you are to please God, you must live by faith and look forward. You will never see what God can do through you where you are until you burn your bridges to the past and move forward.

Fourth, you cannot meet the needs of the people where you are if you are looking back. You are not only hurting yourself by looking back, but you are robbing the people God could use you to reach because you refuse to stop looking back. Get a faith-forward look, burn your bridges to the past, and you will discover God can use you mightily.


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