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  • Allen Domelle

Wrought Work of God

Jeremiah 18:3

Then I went down to the potter's house, and, behold, he wrought a work on the wheels.

Many say they want to be used by God, but they don't want God to do the work on their lives that it takes for Him to work through them. Anyone who has been used by God went through a refining process that God used to mold their lives into the vessel that He could use. Joseph had to be sold into slavery and then thrown into prison before God could use him. Moses had to live in the backside of the desert for forty years while God prepared Him to lead Israel out of Egypt. Peter had to experience total failure before God finally used him mightily. Any great work of God always goes through a trying process before God uses them.

Our text says that the potter wrought a work on the wheels. God is the potter and we are the clay, which means before we become the vessel God desires us to be so He can use, we must become a wrought work of God. Let me share what it means to be a wrought work of God.

First, it means God formed our life. Your life is exactly what God needs for Him to start using you. Yes, God must do a work from where we are, but we are God’s work that He desires to make something out of us. You must understand that God didn't initially make us into the finished vessel because He would not get the glory that way. He made us an unfinished piece of clay that when we yield to Him, He will wrought a work in our lives.

Second, it means God is actively involved in my life. The fact that you are a wrought work of God should tell you that God is involved in every part of your life. When going through the forming process, you can sometimes wonder where God is, but because you are a wrought work of God, you can rest assured that He is involved in your life.

Third, it means God’s hands are on my life. We often say that God’s hand is on someone’s life, but His hands on one’s life always mean there is pressure He places on them to make them into the vessel He needs them to be. We want God’s hand on our life, but we often don't want the pressure that His hands put on us. God cannot do a work on our life without His hands putting pressure on us. Always remember, there is no work of God without pressure.

Fourth, it means God sometimes disturbs our life to make us His wrought work. God often has to disturb our lives to make us uncomfortable so that we will trust Him as He works in our lives. Just because your life is disturbed does not mean God is not working in your life. God disturbed Joseph, but He was working in his life. God disturbed Job, but God was about ready to do a mightier work in his life. God disturbing your life means He is doing a work in your life for the good. You must trust that God’s purging in your life is so that He can do a greater work through you.

Fifth, it means God’s mightiest works are wrought by His hands. The people where Jesus was raised said that mighty works are wrought by his hands. You will never see God’s mighty works through your life until you become a wrought work of God. Being used by God means you must go through a refining process before you become the chosen vessel He needs you to be so He can do mighty works through you. If you truly want God to use you, you must first become a wrought work of God.


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