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  • Allen Domelle

And the LORD Heard It

Numbers 12:2

And they said, Hath the LORD indeed spoken only by Moses? hath he not spoken also by us? And the LORD heard it.

There are many times in the Scriptures that we are reminded that God hears us. God hears our prayers when we pray. He hears the cry of the afflicted. He heard the cry of the child in the wilderness. God heard Hannah’s prayer for a child. He heard the prayer of the early church praying that Peter would somehow be delivered. He heard the prayer of Darius who prayed all night for Daniel to be delivered from the lions den. Many incidents in the Scriptures tell us that God hears the believer, which is often a comfort to the believer that God is an ever-present God in our lives.

However, the God that hears these things also hears the bad in our lives. The verse above states that the LORD heard Miriam and Aaron complaining about Moses. Moses was a very meek man who would not defend himself. God did not take a liking to these two people who felt they had a right to discuss their disagreement with God’s man among themselves. Now, I want you to notice that they did not tell anyone else their thoughts about Moses; they just kept their conversation between themselves. Let me also remind you that Aaron and Miriam were Moses’ siblings. One more thought to remember is that Miriam is likely the sister that saved Moses’ life as a baby when she interceded with Pharaoh’s daughter who found Moses in the bulrush. One would think that God would understand that they were siblings talking about their brother, but God never takes a liking to anyone who talks about His man.

My friend, if God did not allow Moses’ siblings to talk about him negatively, why do you think He will allow you to talk about your preacher negatively? You must remember that your pastor is God’s man, and God always defends or punishes His men. Many today think they have a right to criticize a man of God, but God has always judged those who attack or criticize a man of God.

Moreover, the same God who responds to our prayers also responds to what we say about His man. God’s response to Miriam and Aaron is that He gave Miriam leprosy. Do you think God will excuse you and not excuse Aaron and Miriam? We like it that God always responds to our prayers and trials, but He will also respond to our gossip and criticism of God’s man. God is a responsive God, and He responds according to what we do whether it be good or bad. You are the one who determines how God responds; therefore, you are tempting God to punish you when you talk about your pastor negatively.

Furthermore, it does not matter that you didn’t tell anyone else; the fact that you discuss your negative thoughts with your family is still heard and disapproved by God. You may not tell anyone outside of your family, but the fact that you are bold enough to talk about God’s man negatively will one day come out.

My advice to anyone reading this devotional is never talk negatively about any man of God. I am not talking about exposing heretics; I am talking about discussing your disagreements about a man of God with others. God can take care of His men as He always has, and you have too much to correct about yourself, so focus on changing yourself and let God deal with the negatives of His men.


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