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  • Allen Domelle

But Some Doubted

Matthew 28:17

And when they saw him, they worshipped him: but some doubted.

Jesus had already appeared to many of His followers, but yet there were some who doubted. Those that doubted did not believe that Jesus had risen from the grave or in His Word that He would rise again after three days. However, Jesus did not let the doubt of doubters stop Him from finishing His work on earth. Yes, some of these doubters eventually believed, and some did not, but He would not allow the doubters to stop Him from giving the greatest commission of all, the commission to reach the lost for Christ.

You will always find that there will be doubters to what you believe God can do through your life. Joseph’s brethren doubted that he would one day rule over them. Saul and his army doubted that David could kill Goliath. Many doubted Nehemiah’s ability to rebuild the wall. Doubters doubted Ezra’s vision to rebuild the temple. The Israelites doubted Moses when he said that God sent him to lead them out of the land of Egypt. Anyone who has ever done anything great for God had doubters who doubted that God would do something great through them, but they did not let the doubters stop them from attempting and doing something great for God.

When I became pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church, many doubters doubted that I could pastor a church, much less build a church. I took over a dying church that ran about seventy in Sunday school, and though the task seemed great, I believed that God could build a great work. As I write this devotional, I have been pastor for almost five years, and the growth has been tremendous. God is doing the miraculous, and the doubters have been proven wrong that God could use me to build a great work.

Does it bother me that doubters doubted me? No. When I went into evangelism as a young man, I had doubters who doubted me, but I have never let the doubters stop me from doing what I believed God could do through me. Instead, I have turned their doubt into motivation to prove them wrong, and with God’s help, that has happened.

My friend, don’t let another’s doubt discourage you from doing what you believe God can do through you. Doubters are plentiful, but believers are few. Don’t let the plethora of doubters stop you from pursuing what God has put into your heart. The doubter’s doubt should be a motivation to stir you to make what God placed in your heart a reality. Don't give ear or read what your doubters say about you. Like Nehemiah, stay on your wall and do what you know to do. God will silence the doubters through the miraculous He does through your life.

Moreover, when part of you doubts yourself, believe the part of you that believes God can use you. Doubt always shows up when faith is present; therefore, doubt will always whisper that you cannot do it. Never let doubt’s whispers stop you from what faith directs you to do. You have a choice to listen to doubt and do nothing or listen to faith and believe God can use you. Don't let doubt cause you not to believe in yourself, but let God’s omnipotence cause you to believe that He can take and use you. Doubt always wins if you look at your abilities, but when you look at God’s omnipotence, you will see that God has done greater through less; therefore, He can use you if you will listen to faith.


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