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  • Allen Domelle

Characteristics of Impacting People

1 Peter 2:9

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:

Every person should have a desire to make an impact on this world. It matters not how bad the world may be; you can make an impact. In fact, the worse the world gets, the greater the impact a believer can make if they will live according to God’s standard of living. You must always remember that God’s standard of living never changes, but the world’s standard of living does; therefore, as the world moves further away from God, the easier it becomes to show a stark difference between how you live and how the world lives. The verse above shows four characteristics that impacting people exhibit in their lives.

First, an impacting person realizes they are chosen. This does not mean that God chooses who does and does not get saved, but it does mean they realize God chose them to serve Him. What an honor that the King of kings would choose you to serve Him. What a privilege that the LORD of lords would choose you above all others to serve Him. God could have chosen to do His work in any other way, but He chose to use those who are saved through which to do His work.

Second, an impacting person realizes they are royalty. When you got saved, God made you His priest to the world. In other words, you are the vessel that represents Christ to the world. However, God says that you are a royal priesthood. In other words, you belong to a special group of people who represent God. Many will join unique organizations that not everyone can get into, but God makes it available for all who are saved to belong to a royal priesthood. My friend, you are royalty in Christ, and should conduct yourself for Christ in such a manner that represents royalty and not the depravity of the world.

Third, an impacting person realizes they are holy. In other words, a person who makes an impact realizes they cannot join up with anything that would keep them from doing their duties that the royal priesthood is to do. If you will make an impact with your life, you must set yourself apart from anything that would hinder you from doing God’s work. Nobody has made an impact with their life who has not set themselves apart for Christ’s service alone. Yes, there are some things you can do that are not sinful, but if they would hinder you from being for Christ what He wants you to be, you must not do them.

Fourth, an impacting person realizes they are peculiar. The person who makes an impact on others realizes they are different from most, and are not afraid to be looked at as different. Why are we peculiar? We are peculiar because we are strangers and pilgrims in this world. We don't belong to this world. We dress differently. We talk differently. We react differently to trials. We live differently from the world. The world will look at you as if you are peculiar, but it is that peculiarity that allows you to make a difference on this world.

Let me ask, do you want to make an impact on the lives of others? If you do, you must realize that you are chosen, royalty, holy, and peculiar. Nobody has made an impact with their lives for Christ who has not embraced these four characteristics.


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