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  • Allen Domelle

Coming to Peace with Others

Isaiah 11:6

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

The Scriptures teach that one day the wolf shall dwell with the lamb; what an odd combination that would dwell together. The wolf and lamb are natural enemies, but in Heaven they will dwell together.

God says that one day the leopard shall lie down with the kid. Can you see a kid goat and a leopard sleeping together? The kid has no defense against the leopard, and normally the leopard would kill the kid for food. However, in Heaven they have come to peace with each other and sleep together.

Can you see the calf and young lion playing together with a child leading them through the pasture? In Heaven, these natural-born enemies will be at peace with each other. What once used to be natural enemies that killed and ate each other will come to peace and dwell together.

This is the atmosphere that God wants with His people. We often hear of bringing Heaven to earth, but if we are to do this, we must learn to get along with each other. The home should be a place where we come to peace with each other and dwell together. The church ought to be a place where people learn to dwell and work together. So, how do we create an atmosphere of Heaven in our homes, church and workplace so that we get along with each other?

First, you must put aside your past if you are to come to peace with others. The lamb must put aside that the wolf tried to kill it to be at peace, and you must put aside the past of what another has done if you are to be at peace with them. You cannot carry grudges towards others and say you won't work with them and create an atmosphere of peace in your church. You must put the past aside to be at peace with those you dwell with in the home and church.

Second, you must get over yourself if you are to come to peace with others. Most of our inability to get along with others is because we are so hung up on ourselves that nobody can work with us. If you are focused on yourself, you will never find a way to be a peace with others because nobody will ever meet your selfish needs.

Third, you must see the greater cause to come to peace with others. The greater cause is the kingdom of God. Souls are at stake, and the infighting within a local church never helps one soul to be saved. It is time to get over yourself! The energy spent on fighting others could be used for the greater cause of reaching the lost. Instead, that energy is wasted on fighting others, and the time spent squabbling can never be taken back. Many souls we be in Hell because of believers in a local church that spent time squabbling with others and should have used that time to reach the lost.

Fourth, you must keep focused on God to come to peace with others. God is the focus of Heaven, and that is why natural enemies will be at peace with each other in Heaven. If we want to bring Heaven’s atmosphere to our home and church, we must keep our focus on God. As long as you are focused on God, you will never be disappointed with what others may say or do to you. Keeping a focus on God is the key to coming to peace and having an atmosphere of Heaven in your home and church.


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