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  • Allen Domelle

He Opened Not His Mouth

Isaiah 53:7

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.

The greatest lesson on response is what Christ did during His trial and crucifixion. People falsely accused Christ of things He did not do, yet He opened not His mouth. People accused Him in a derogatory manner of things He did say that was true, yet He opened not His mouth. People beat Him with a whip and plucked His beard from His face, but He opened not His mouth. They cursed Him, beat Him, spit upon Him, drove nails through His hands and feet, placed a crown of thorns on His brow, stripped Him of His clothing, and crucified Him, yet He opened not His mouth.

Christ undeservedly endured all these things, yet He opened not His mouth. If Christ opened not his mouth when we oppressed and afflicted Him, why are we opening our mouths to destroy others when we perceive they have hurt us? This great example of Christ is often ignored because it doesn't fit our desires of how we want to respond in words when others hurt and malign us. Christ could have easily responded and silenced those who oppressed and afflicted Him; instead He chose not to open His mouth. Why? Because opening His mouth would have done no good. These people did not want the truth; they just wanted Him destroyed.

You must learn that you don't have to respond to what others do to you even though you feel you have a right to respond. You must understand that your response will likely not do any good to the situation. Much strife among believers, married couples, and family members could be avoided if we learned that we don't have to open our mouths when others try to hurt us. Your response will likely make the situation much worse.

Moreover, Jesus chose to let His work at Calvary be His response to those who oppressed and afflicted Him. The best response to your oppressors and those who try to hurt you are the works that Christ does through your life. I have found that the best way to silence the critics is to continue working at being successful at what you are doing for Christ, and that will silence those who despise you. Nothing makes a critic look more like a fool than Christ’s miraculous works accomplished through your life.

Furthermore, Christ continued His work on Calvary instead of stopping to respond to those who oppressed and afflicted Him. You must understand that those who oppress and afflict you want you to quit what you are doing to respond to them. They don't care if your response is right; what they know is that you must quit what they hate you are doing to respond to them. Therefore, continuing to do the works that brought the oppression and affliction is the best response that will eventually silence your enemies.

Do you want to say something to those criticizing you? Do you want to respond spitefully to those hurting you as you try to serve the LORD? Let Christ’s example on Calvary be your response. Keep your mouth shut, keep doing what you are supposed to be doing, and let your finished work be your response. This is the best response to those trying to hurt you, and who knows, maybe you can win them over by responding like Christ.


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