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Staying Hungry

Proverbs 27:7

The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.

The key to being hungry is to give out energy so your body craves food that will give it more energy. God says that to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. It is amazing how everything tastes good when you are hungry. Even the foods that you normally do not like taste good when you are hungry.

One of the keys to staying productive in the Christian walk is to stay hungry. Sadly, one reason many believers are not hungry is because they don't give out any spiritual energy that would create a hunger in them for God’s Word. I often teach people that a believer can only take in so much from God’s Word before they have to give it out. If you don't give out what you already have, there is no place to receive more; thus, what people are trying to give you more of from God becomes loathsome because you are not hungry. You have to give out spiritual energy to become spiritually hungry. One reason many say the preaching doesn't move them is because they are not hungry. If they gave out what has already been given to them, they would soak in everything that is preached because they would be hungry. Let me share four areas where you need to give out so you can become hungry.

First, be hungry for God’s Word. Yes, you should read God’s Word every day, but there will come a point when you can't receive any more truths from God because you are not giving anything out from His Word. Let me illustrate. When I was a young preacher, I gave out the truths that I knew as I preached. However, as I gave those truths, God gave me more truth. I learned that the more I taught what I knew, the more God imparted His truths to me from His Word. If you want to understand God’s Word more, you must give it out by teaching others His Word. The preaching and teaching of God’s Word becomes a buffet when you empty the truth you do know by teaching others.

Second, be hungry for souls to be saved. The only way you become hungry for souls to be saved is to go see souls saved. The more you win souls, the more you will want people to be saved. Getting a burden for the lost is easy. You get a burden for the lost by trying to reach the lost, and the more lost people you reach with the Gospel, the hungrier you become for more lost people to be saved.

Third, be hungry for God to do something big in your life. My friend, there is nothing wrong with wanting God to do something big, but that is only accomplished by stepping out by faith. The more you step out by faith, the more you will want God to do through your life. Creating a great hunger for God to do something in your life is accomplished by constantly stepping out on the faith that you do have, and when God fulfills that vision of faith, your vision of faith becomes greater. You get hungry for God to do something in your life by doing something for God with your life.

Fourth, be hungry for the power of God on your life. The more that you do for God, the more of God’s power that you need. A hunger for God’s power is created by doing something that creates a need for His power. You will never be hungry for God’s power if you don't do something that needs His power. Do something big for God, and you will find a hunger for more of God’s power.


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