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Time to Start Moving

Deuteronomy 1:6

The LORD our God spake unto us in Horeb, saying, Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount:

God was ready for Israel to go to the Promised Land. He told Israel that they had dwelt long enough in this mount. God was telling them that though they had seen Him give them His commandments from the mount, it was time they move on and do something with what they had seen.

Too many believers become content with where they are when it is time for them to move on to do something greater for God. How long are you going to stay where you are instead of stepping up and doing what you know you should be doing? It is time you start moving on to where you know you should be going instead of continuing to dwell in your present situation. Let me point out a few areas where you need to choose to start moving.

First, you have dwelt long enough in your sin; it is time to start conquering it. How long will you let your besetting sin beset you from doing what God wants to do through your life? You can keep saying that you will quit tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. It is time to move on from your sin and start living the righteous life that you know you should be living.

Second, you have dwelt long enough doing nothing for God. Going to church and doing nothing is not going to please God. No, you should not quit going to church, but you should step up and start doing something more for God than sitting and doing nothing. The way to start doing something is to get up and do it.

Third, you have dwelt long enough waiting for everything to fall into place or for someone else to do something; it is time you move on and do it yourself. If you wait for everything to fall into place before you do God’s will, you will be sitting out of God’s will for the rest of your life. Too many want the whole cake of God’s will when He just wants you to take the first bite of His will. You have sat long enough waiting for everything to fall into place before you do God’s will, and where has that gotten you? The only way you will do God’s will is to step out and take the next step towards it.

My friend, God is never satisfied with you staying in the same place. God is a God of action and not inaction. You will never please Him with your life until you become active in serving Him. Staying in the same place is not walking a walk of faith. God commands the believer to walk by faith, which means anything less than moving forward is being disobedient to God.

Moreover, you will never get anywhere until you take action. Our problem is we want to get to the destination immediately when God just wants you to take the next step that is in front of you. You should be closer today to where you are going than where you were yesterday. If all I can do today is to take one step towards what God wants me to do, that means I am one step closer to getting where God is taking me. You can sit and wait for everything to be perfect before you move, but you will continue to be sitting there for the remainder of your life because you get to where you are going by taking the next step. Are you closer to what God wants you to be today than you were yesterday? Let me challenge you to always keep moving closer to what you are supposed to be even if that means you are only taking one step.


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